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An OSX Installer Package to Install NRPE


An OSX Installer Package to Install NRPE.

This installs NRPE and a bunch of default Nagios plugins in OSX using the standard PKG installer. Useful to install NRPE on OSX when homebrew is not available.


Download NRPE-OSX

Installation and setup

Just download and run the installer. The installer will setup everything that is needed to run NRPE. To setup NRPE, modify /etc/nrpe.cfg.


NRPE uses syslog for logging. In addition to that, launchd is configured to redirect stdout and stderr to files in /Library/Logs/nrpe


The installer creates a nagios user and group, which will be used to run the NRPE daemon.


NRPE is launched using launchd. Launchd can't be configured to only accept connections from certain addresses. This means that you have secure NRPE yourself when the machine is exposed to a network that you are not fully trusting.

Installation location